We are still here for you…

Highland Dance Shop would like to let you know that we are still here and working away to be ready for when you start back training and soon competing. During the lockdown we took time to celebrate our dancers in #FlingFriday which was a great success. More recently...

Its about to get cold out there!

In times when we need to keep the air flowing and letting the fresh air into our dance spaces, we have to find ways to keep those feet warm and avoid injury. Try these bloch warm up boots for arriving and in between dances. Available in pink, blue and black.....

We are here for you!

Good luck to everyone getting back to training. Hopefully this is us on our way to competing, demonstrating, training and dancing together once more!

Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately no one managed to find our 3 easter eggs we hid last weekend. Did you manage to find them? They were hidden beside our hornpipe outfits, as an image in our sock garters and the third one nestled in with our sword carriers. We will have a new game soon!

Patterns update

Patterns update

Due to supplier difficulties, we don't know when we will next be getting our stock of patterns. We do have a number of patterns left, so if you are looking to make your own outfit for the day you get back to dancing please check out our current stock.

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